Professional soccer team Veracruz Red Sharks could move to Yucatan

The Red Sharks of Veracruz owner has said he is willing to pay the 120 million pesos to maintain the team in the Professional Soccer First Division, however, since the team does not have support from the Veracruz state government, owner Fidel Kuri analyzes other options, including Yucatan.

In his column “Scenarios”, Mexican journalist David Medrano mentioned that the Yucatan capital stands out as a candidate, in case the Sharks leave Veracruz the next tournament: “Now Yucatan is being mentioned as an option, specifically the city ​​of Merida, ” Medrano said.

Although there is no concrete agreement, what the journalist says does not sound like a crazy idea, since it is known that the managers of Venados de Mérida, maintain a good relationship with the board of directors of the Tiburones Rojos, and both teams had even exchanged players in previous tournaments.

The possible arrival of a First Division Professional Soccer team to the state would be a noteworthy news for soccer fans in Yucatan, since they have always dreamed of a major league soccer team in the “Ciudad Blanca”.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE