People tried to “take justice by their own hand” against alleged rapist in Progreso

According to local residents, a man sexually abused of a nine-year-old girl in the municipality of Progreso, on Monday February 4th, around 9 PM.

The alleged rapist was discovered by a family member, so he tried to escape by hiding in a house nearby, but residents of the area followed him, broke the house windows and when they were just about to lynch the man, municipal police officers arrived at the scene and proceeded to arrest the subject, who is approximately 65 years old. The victim’s mother asked not let the police take the suspect because the authorities would not do justice.

Dozens of Progreseños outside the house threw punches and insults at the alleged rapist as he was being hauled out the property, shouting that if the police don’t prosecute him, they would do justice by their own hand and lynch the man.

Municipal Police officers of Progreso and staff of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), covered the area and arrested the alleged rapist right on time to avoid a tragedy, as the mob wanted to lynch the suspect. (Photo: La Verdad)

So far no version of the facts has been confirmed, there are those who say that the man raped the nine-year-old girl, while others say that he was caught before he could rape her. Some people also point out that the man is the victim’s uncle, while others say he is her grandfather.

The Municipal and State authorities will be responsible for clarifying the alleged case of sexual abuse of a nine-year-old girl in Progreso, and to determine the legal status of the accused.