Passenger stabbed to death inside a Merida public transport bus

What started as a fight ended in tragedy, as a man of approximately 40 years of age died after being stabbed inside a public transport bus in downtown Merida.

It should be noted that after being wounded the man was urgently transferred to the O’Horan Hospital in Mérida, however, the vicitm died on the way to the hospital.

The events occurred on Calle 67, on the corner with Calle 34, downtown Merida, according to the witnesses, two men who were sitting on the back the bus began to fight, however things went out of control when one of them pulled a knife and stabbed the other man at least four times.

The incident took place inside a San Pedro Nohapat route bus, and the passengers immediately notified the authorities via the emergency number 911, and requested support for the wounded man.

Paramedics and police officers arrived on the scene minutes later, nevertheless the aggressor fled the scene on foot, as he managed to get off the vehicle through the back door before the authorities arrived.

According to the witnesses, the aggressor was apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he started the fight in the back of the bus.

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