New elementary school in Tizimín ready to start operations

After almost a year of work, the construction of the new “Otilia López” elementary school in the north of the city of Tizimin, Yucatan was completed.

Gervin Avilés Avilés, of the Institute for the Development and Certification of Educational Physical Infrastructure of Yucatan (Idefey), made an inspection and said that only a few details of paint in the building are being finished.

He noted that the 18 classrooms, the management office, toilets and the perimeter fence are already at 100 percent.

He added that windows were recently installed in each classroom, ramps were made for the disabled and the administration building and façade were painted.

Avilés Avilés said that only small details are being taken care of on the ceiling and walls where painting is needed. The contract for the electrical installation is ready too.

He said he hopes that within a month they can make the delivery of the school to the headmistress.

Regarding the request made by the school’s director, such as the roof of the civic plaza, another classroom and a library, she said that this was not stipulated in the first stage of the work and these additions will be part of a second stage.

On the other hand, there are parents of the school who are thinking of changing their children’s place because now the school operates in the center of the city. This educational institution is being relocated since it is one of the oldest schools in town with more than 50 years in operation, most of its classrooms represent a risk for students because the roofs are already beginning to collapse.

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