Mexico’s national anthem to be sang in Maya language

As part of a select group, Yucatán has received official authorization so that the Mexican National Anthem can be interpreted in ceremonial acts in the Peninsular Mayan language.

“This means a great step in the work that is carried out for the dignification of the original ethnic group of this region and the preservation and promotion of their wide culture, as well as the improvement of their life conditions,” announced the governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal.

In the framework of the ceremony for the International Mother Language Day and International Year of Indigenous Languages, the President said that the Maya language is a source of pride for all Yucatecans and should be protected and preserved with defense actions, promotion and development.

The governor of Yucatán concluded saying that that the government of the State guarantees the respect to the human rights of all the Maya speakers living in Yucatan, nevertheless, it recognized that there are still debts to settle with the members of this numerous community and inhabitants of the Maya zone.

TYT Newsroom with information from El Financiero