MERIDA YUCATAN.- In order to maintain the safety of public areas such as parks and recreational spaces for family coexistence, a park rangers team has been conformed and recently introduced to the general public.

This is a plan by the City of Mérida in order to involve families in supervisory functions, as well as security in those areas. In this first stage, 34 park rangers were trained to observe the infrastructure, conservation, maintenance and security conditions of the Mérida parks.

Parque de las Americas. Merida Yuc. Photo: Alejandro Azcárate

For this, the personnel has been given equipment consisting of 12 ATVs, 2 trucks, 20 communication radios and 10 bicycles, for an investment of 2,537,756 pesos.

The parks that will have the service are:

  •  Poniente Ecological Park
  • Parque de la Aleman
  • Acuaparque
  • Brisas Park
  • Archaeological Park of the East
  • Sport Unit “Fernando Valenzuela”
  • Archaeological Park of Reparto Granjas
  • Parque Hundido
  • Parque Pedro Infante Cruz  
  • Parque Japonés.
  • Park “Crescencio Rejón”
  • Parks “Emiliano Zapata” South I and II
  • Parque Arqueo-Ecológico del Poniente,
  • Kalia Park,
  • Tabentha Park,
  • “Dolores Otero”
  • Parque de las Americas.


Soon more rangers, parks and equipment will be added.


The Yucatan Times