Learn conversational Spanish up to 50% faster

After spending three years struggling to learn Spanish conversation, Matthew Brady, a retired architect living in Mexico, discovered a simple technique that dramatically improved his ability to understand native Spanish speakers.

Are you an expat or traveler who struggles to understand native Spanish speakers in the places that you live or travel?
Have you experienced any of the following:
  • Unable to understand native speakers who speak “too fast”
  • Difficulty trying to use “classroom Spanish” in the real world
  • Getting stuck in “paralysis by analysis” when trying to talk to native speakers
Like most of us who live or work abroad, Matt Brady struggled with the same issues for years before stumbling upon a solution that transformed his life.
Three years ago, Matt and his wife Cheryl moved from Mesa, Arizona to Puerto VallartaMexico to begin what they hoped would be their dream retirement. But after three years living abroad and spending hundreds of dollars in Spanish classes, they were still no closer to being able to speak and understand much of the Spanish that was going on around them.
A New Approach
If you are like Matt, you know how frustrating it can be to struggle to try communicate with native speakers of a foreign language.
Fed up with the lack of progress using traditional language classes and expensive personal tutors, Matt turned to the internet to find an alternative solution. He discovered a little known system that students have been using for years to successfully improve their ability to understand native Spanish speakers in a short period of time – in some cases in as little as a few weeks.
Originally developed by the U.S. Foreign Service to train diplomats, FBI agents, and government officials to blend into a foreign country, this conversational training approach has recently been incorporated into an online platform by the company One Month Spanish.
Originally designed to be used in an intensive 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, One Month Spanish now offers self-study courses that can be completed fully online, making it possible to take advantage of these techniques at a fraction of the cost of a personal tutor.
While there are many language learning companies and products on the market, One Month Spanish is unique in helping students to quickly develop practical conversational skills (rather than just memorizing grammar and vocabulary).