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La Plancha: abandonment, neglect and a favorite spor for vandals, drunks and drug addicts

by Yucatan Times
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The construction of a “Central Park” on the space known as “La Plancha” in the downtown area of Mérida, was set to become one of the most important projects in the state capital, that was going to serve as a “lung” for the city, and as a place for the leisure of families of the White City.

However, “La Plancha”, far from becoming this long expected fantastic urban development project, continues to be a problem for the residents of that part of the city, as it remains totally abandoned and is the favorite spot for vandals, drunks, drug addicts and criminals.

According to the Gran Parque La Plancha Civil Association, the warehouses located on the east side were going to be turned into shops, offices, a cafeteria, a library and rest areas; and the warehouses to the west were planned to serve as exhibition areas, and arts & crafts workshops. But the truth is that at this point in time, all these buildings remain abandoned.

Local residents Elsa Bacelis and Mercedes Poot declared in an interview that in recent days they have observed several suspicious individuals taken refuge in the aforementioned galleys, coming in and out from the premises, sometimes carrying home appliances and other objects that could be stolen.

Other residents who asked to remain anonymous, stated that many people enter the grounds of “La Plancha” to get drunk and smoke pot.

They assured that at night the characteristic smell of marijuana can be perceived all over the place, which is why locals have asked the municipal and state authorities to please go ahead with the previous plan to convert that lot into a park, but it seems like the project is not a priority for the current municipal and state administrations.

8 months ago, in June 2018 (during the Rolando Zapata administration) it was announced that 562 trees and 1,500 shrubs were to be planted, taking advantage of the rainy season, and that the federal government had granted 22 million pesos for planting trees and installing lighting and irrigation systems as part of the first stage of the project.

Gran Parque La Plancha AC signed an agreement with Mérida-based “Plant for the Planet” nonprofit association to collaborate on activities at the park.

The “Plan Maestro La Plancha” project was going to be divided into seven zones featuring spaces reserved for artistic and cultural activities, a library, a museum, botanical gardens, walkways, trails, cycle paths, benches, green areas, open meeting spaces with tables and free internet access, but up until today, abandonment and neglect is all there is.

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