Jaraneros del Sur dance in honor of La Candelaria

With the assistance of dozens of couples, the residents of the community of Tixhualactún, Yucatán, organized a magna vaquería to start the traditional festival in honor of the Virgin of La Candelaria on Saturday Feb. 2.

Dancers from Peto, Tahdziú, Chacsinkín, Tzucacab, Tixméhuac and other towns, went down to Tixhualactún for this traditional regional evening.

The organizing committee, the mayor Edgar Calderón Sosa, his wife Wendy Domínguez Carrillo, representatives of the families of Tixhualactún and other guests of honor cut the opening ribbon to start the town party in honor of the Virgin of the Candelaria.

With a pyrotechnic show and the “Aires Yucatecos” dance company, the couples occupied the dance floor to start with the magna vaquería and dance to the rythm of the best Yucatecan songs, which were performed by the orchestra “Candelaria” Jaranara, originally from the town of Peto, in the southern tip of the state.

As every year during this date, the town Tixhualactún was very busy and it was observed that the traditions of Yucatan are still very much alive and the families continue to cultivate the Jarana, and passing it to the new generations.

The organizing committee announced that activities will be carried out until Feb. 4th, so that the families of Tixhualactún and surrounding towns can enjoy this cultural event.

TYT Newsroom with information from reporteroshoy.mx



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