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Humami Conscious Nutrition Innovative Healthy Food Project in Yucatán

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Humami is a Mexican company created by women who believe that conscious feeding is more than preparing healthy food.

For us, conscious feeding concerns the relationship with food in all its aspects: where and how we obtain it, time of preparation, care in ingredient combination, the attitude we adopt when eating, etc.  Food is one of the main pillars of our life, our culture and our idiosyncrasy. Around food we weave our social ties and, therefore, keep a close relationship with politics, economy and health.

Humami has a clear objective: to feed the people of the Yucatan “properly”. That means to know the origin of the food we consume, in order to have the guarantee that it is free of toxic agrochemicals, which are detrimental to its nutritional value and, furthermore, significantly harmful to people’s health. And, on the other hand, we also look for food that is not part of the ecological and social exploitation, because every aspect influences the final quality of the product.

The Humami initiative started 5 years ago and, soon, we realized that the options were, generally, very limited and too expensive. So we went to the countryside, to meet the farmers and producers, and we discovered an exciting universe.

We started weaving networks with a group of small producers, which are respectful of the ecosystem and the biorhythms of nature, which aspire to a different relationship with Earth and the people: a greater balance, a better sustainability, that also means dignified human labor conditions as well as an equal and fair price policy.

As time went by, Humami evolved, traveling throughout Mexico, we found more organizations and cooperatives with which we started collaborating and sharing the ethical, social and ecological value that we place on food.

In modern societies we ​​have become accustomed to obtain everything fast, 24/7, all year round; and, as a consequence, now we have food poisoned with agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers, and worst of all, our “modern” food doesn’t have any nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables that can be found in every supermarket, anytime of the year, simply lack nutrients. Maybe we are not conscious, but as consumers we have enormous power of influence over the production systems. And responsible consumption entails responsible production, more adjusted to our real needs, concerned about the local economy, sensitive to ancestral practices, ecological conservation and social equality.

Besides, producers would receive a fair price for their products and their work, without haggling, exploitation, or middle men making a huge profit out of the farmer’s hard work. Most importantly, consumers could have the guarantee that they are obtaining healthy, nutritious and fresh food.

Humami is ultimately the dream of two women who believe that healthy eating is an act of love towards ourselves and towards everything that surrounds us. That is Humami: to care for others, to care for our Earth and to care for the food we eat.

Because we know that, undoubtedly, a good food will always contribute to improve our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, all the food products we distribute are chosen for its high quality and have different types of certifications: Organic, Kosher, Dana A.C., among others, like our Olive Oil that is endorsed by the Council of Native Peoples of Mexico City.

All our food products are ecological, fertilized with natural compost free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

These are some of the bulk foods we have available:

  • Superfoods: chia, cocoa, quinoa, flaxseed, ramón flour, turmeric and ginger
  • Grains and cereals: Brown rice, black beans, pink beans, chickpeas, beans, ibes , lentil, soy.
  • Seeds and nuts: Almond, peanut, sesame, walnut, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, mix of nuts and seeds.
  • Dressings: extra virgin olive oil cold pressed, tahini.
  • Other delicacies: chocolate, cinnamon, oats, amaranth, melipona honey, raisins, whole-grain sugar, salt grain, pepper.
  • Fruits & vegetables: tubers, rhizomes, aromatic herbs and more.

To contact Humami or to place an order go to  https://www.facebook.com/humamialimentos/

They deliver Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

* Vegetables orders on Mondays

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