Historic Canadian investment for Southern Quintana Roo

TORONTO (CGC).– Quintana Roo´s governor Carlos Joaquín managed to close an unprecedented investment of 240 million dollars on a first round for Chetumal, which will be used for the construction of a highly specialized hospital, as well as the development of a housing complex for retirees.

During the work tour that is currently taking place in Canada, Pedro Joaquín signed the agreement with K&A company that will invest in Quintana Roo´s state capital. In the first stage, a hospital will be built, with Canadian health standards, as well as the development of a housing complex for communities of retirement age. The second stage, could add another 250 million dollars.

This investment is the result of the work that began in the first semester of 2018 between K&A and the Government of the State of Quintana Roo, through the investment attraction platform PRO QUINTANA ROO.

Canada´s former Prime Minister John Turner, is an honorary member of the board of K&A and was present at the announcement of the investment. Carlos Joaquín signed a document that stablishes appropriate mechanisms in the exchange of information between the government of Quintana Roo and the Canadian company Vineland Research and Innovation Center regarding research and practices in favor of agro-industrial development.

Governor Carlos Joaquín and the general director of the Institute for Development and Financing (IDEFIN) Bernardo Cueto Riestra, met with representatives of the companies Hitachi and Metrolinx, leaders in technological development and infrastructure for mobility, who also expressed their interest to include to Quintana Roo in its growth plans.

Carlos Joaquín stressed that Quintana Roo seeks to host various economic sectors, in addition to tourism. “From the beginning of my administration we set our sights on bringing a project that would change the face of our capital city and through the company K&A we were fortunate to find it,” he added.

The governor pointed out that Quintana Roo, and in particular Chetumal, will become a world leader in health services and as a result there will be significant growth in real estate, commercial, services and infrastructure in the state capital. “We are going for more in our task in favor of the economic diversification of our State” said Governor Carlos Joaquin.

Carlos Joaquín´s work agenda will include talks with major tour operators such as TravelPulse, Baxter Travel Media and Travel Nation Canada to consolidate investment projects for the entity, as well as to give a greater diffusion of the natural beauties of Quintana Roo.


The Yucatan Times