Canadian company in Yucatan leaves hundreds of employees “hanging”

Workers ask for the intervention of the state authorities, because in “Conciliation and Arbitration courts” they feel their case is not advancing. The Alabama maquiladora closed without giving their employees the severance pay contemplated by Mexican labor law..

Workers of the Alabama maquiladora protested in front of the Government Palace in search of justice because they assure there has been passivity from authorities to meet their demands. They mentioned that the company closed more than two months ago and everything is a stand still.

With signs in hand and shouts of “Justice, justice” the workers asked for the immediate intervention of Governor Mauricio Vila, since the owners of the maquiladora, of Canadian origin, have not showed up.

The workers claim they have gone numerous occasions to the Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, and the officials say to them that they have not managed to find the owners of Alabama, because they have had difficulties trying to locate them.

Since January, the employees of the Alabama maquiladora have protested in front of the offices of the State Executive and denounced bad treatment and violations of their labor rights.

It is worth mentioning, the workers are demanding a quick solution to a problem that normally requires a determined amount of time. Every labor process has a procedure that has to be followed like any other. However, they expect this specific case to be handled by the authorities with preference.


The Yucatan Times