Animal Killing In Merida´s East Side

Mérida (SIPSE) .- Neighbors of the “colonia” Emiliano Zapata Oriente denounce a massive slaughter of pets, since in just one between dogs and cats week twelve animals, approximately, have died.

Many reports had been filed, prior to January 25-27 weekend, because several residents of the neighborhood started to notice the disappearance of their animals.

Photo: SIPSE

Their worst fear manifested when cats and dogs appear in their front or backyards of their homes; dead. In just one week twelve bodies were found. Some people had their animal remains analyzed in search of some type of poison. The results will be used to file a formal, legal complaint against whoever made these reprehensible acts.

Because of the killings and absolute lack of attention from the authorities to these people, they have decided to denounce the killings through social networks, trying to prevent more animal killings.

Stands out the case of one resident who has lost four of his pets.


The Yucatan Times

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