Angélica Rivera to divorce ex-President Peña Nieto

Mexico’s former First Lady Angélica Rivera has decided to divorce ex-President Enrique Peña Nieto, the one-time telenovela actress said in a post on her Instagram account on Friday.

Peña Nieto ended his six-year presidential term in November. In 2010, he married Rivera in a splashy celebration when he was a governor eyeing a bid for presidency. It was the second marriage for both, and each had children from previous relationships.

Rumors of an impending split had long dogged the couple, intensifying during the final year of Peña Nieto’s term, though the family’s supporters, including one of Rivera’s daughters, dismissed the claims as false.

“I deeply regret this painful situation for myself and our children,” Rivera, 49, wrote in her post.

“Today, all my energy, strength and love is focused on remaining a good mother, recovering my life and my professional career,” she added.

About a week ago, a Mexican society magazine published photos of Peña Nieto in Spain with a young female Mexican model, adding to speculation that the couple might separate.

Peña Nieto, 52, left office with record-low approval ratings, dragged down by rampant crime, corruption scandals and a lackluster economy under his watch.

One of the first scandals to tarnish him emerged in 2014 when a journalistic investigation revealed that a multimillion-dollar home in one of Mexico City’s poshest neighborhoods used by the couple was owned by a subsidiary of a politically connected contractor.

At the time, Rivera said she was purchasing the home from the subsidiary with money earned from her acting career. She later announced that she would sell her stake in the property to put the controversial matter to rest.

For years, Rivera worked for Mexico’s biggest broadcaster Televisa on a series of soap operas, and for a time was one of the country’s most popular and recognizable actresses.

Peña Nieto has kept a low profile since leaving office, and has not confirmed whether the couple will divorce.

A spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Source: El Universal