6 caves you must visit in the Yucatan Peninsula

The caves in the Yucatan Peninsula are an excellent option for those who are lovers of adventure tourism. Being in the so-called Xibalbá “Mayan underworld” is one of the most fun experiences you can experience the Mexican southeast.

There are caves of all kinds and for all tastes depending on what kind of experience you want to live. Here are some of the most well known cave systems that you can find in the three states of the Peninsula.

The caves of Xtacumbilxuna’an are located in the state of Campeche in the ejido of Bolonchén de Rejón in the municipality of Hopelchén. Features a light and sound show at a very affordable price. It is recommended for the whole family.

The caves of Tzabnah are located in the state of Yucatan, in the municipality of Tecoh, only 46 minutes away from Mérida. In this place you can enjoy a tour of caves and take a dip in a cenote that is located inside the cave system. Some sections are a little complicated to climb, so visitors must be careful.

Tzabnah (Photo: Descubro.mx)

The grottos of Loltún, located in the municipality of Oxkutzcab, are part of the Puuc Route that consists of a group of archaeological zones that you can visit by car or bus.

In these caves you will find a large number of formations with different names depending on the forms they resemble. You can also admire cave paintings, and light and shade effects produced by the sun’s rays when entering through small holes.

Grutas de Loltun – Credit Jesus Hererra

The caves of Calcehtok are perhaps the best known of Yucatan. They are located in the town of Maxcanú, 60 minutes south of Mérida. There are several types of tours, from beginners level to extreme level. It is recommended to take an extra change of clothes, because visitors always end up full of mud and dirt after touring the caves of Calcehtok.

Expert Tour in Calcehtok (Photo: Archive)

The Tekax crystal caves in the municipality of Tekax, Yucatan are perhaps the most extreme you can find in the Peninsula. Visitors can enter the cave walking all the way to a certain point, where it is necessary to start crawling in order to reach a larger vault where the giant crystals are located. The travel time varies between 4 and 6 hours depending on the type of tour chosen.

Tekax cave (Aldo Aguilar Argaez)

The Grottos of Kantun Chí: Kantun-Chi is an ecological park in Quintana Roo’s Riviera Maya. The name Kantun-Chi in Maya translates to “yellow stone mouth.” The park is filled with tropical gardens teeming with spider monkeys, rare bird species, raccoon, deer and reptiles. It’s the incredible cenotes, however, that are the major attraction here..

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