19-year-old girl missing in Mérida finally found safe and sound

A 19-year-old girl left her home located in Ciudad Caucel, on Saturday February 16, heading to a bar located in downtown Mérida. Until now, nothing is known about the young woman, and relatives have resorted to asking for help to locate her through social networks and news websites.

Several publications on social networks indicate when it was the last time the girl was seen and ask to share or provide information that helps to find the whereabouts of this young lady, born and raised in Mérida.

Relatives of Esther Monserrat García Ruelas, ask for help to find her, since they have not heard anything about her since last Feb. 17th, as Juan Ruelas, father of the girl, posted on his facebook page.

The 19-year-old girl left her home located in western Mérida around 22:00 hours on Saturday Feb. 16th, she told her father she was going to a bar located on Calle 57 (x 60) in Centro, and the man did not hear absolutely one word from his daughter for more than 48 hours.

Esther Montserrat García Ruelas (Facebook)

However, on Monday Feb. 19th, around 4 PM, Juan Ruelas, father of the young lady published on his Facebook page a post stating that Esther Monserrat had finally returned home safe and sound, and thanking a Yucatecan news website for the support during those two days of anguish.

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