Yucatan police officer discharged after appearing using drugs on a video that went viral on social networks

An agent of the State Public Security Secretariat, and resident of Dzidzantún, Yucatan, that goes by the name of Rodrigo M. N., better known as “El Mojarras” was exhibited in a video, where he can be seen using drugs; after the footage was published, the agent was dismissed.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only illicit act that the agent has committed, since inhabitants of his hometown Dzidzantún, claim that he usually intimidated people and asks them for money in exchange for protection.

Residents of the San Francisco Manzanilla community in Yucatan, who have decided to remain anonymous, reported that for months the former police officer has asked for a “voluntary fee” of $ 100 to $ 500 pesos to anyone who crosses his path. El Mojarras used to intimidate mainly the frequent customers of bars and “cantinas” to “provide them with protection” and in case they do not want to cooperate, he threatened to call for more security agents and “create” some illegal charge for them to be detained.

The municipal police director received a large number of complaints about this man, that according to witnesses was constantly drugged. Therefore, they started investigating the case, and then the video was released showing Agent Rodrigo M. smoking the substance known as piedra or “crack”, fragrantly violating the corporation’s policies, since agents obviously are prohibited from taking drugs even outside of their working hours.

After the video was released, the mayor of Dzidzantún, Yucatan, Ismael Aguilar Puc indicated that Officer Rodrigo M. was dismissed from his post.

“We will not allow any officer to tarnish the image of the Dzidzantún Police and much less consuming drugs publicly”, the major said.

“An investigation has already been opened to clarify the facts, meanwhile the decision was taken to separate the now former agent from the force, for his reprehensible attitudes that violate the code of conduct of the Public Safety and Traffic Police of Dzinzantun.”

TYT Newsroom with information from laveradadnoticias.com