In order to understand one of the most frequent citizen reports of Valladolid and encourage responsible pet ownership, a Canine and Feline Sterilization Campaign is bieng carried out in that city.

“I decided to do this procedure to my pet so that he can not have anymore puppies, and give him a better quality of life,” said one of the beneficiaries of the free sterilization day.

As well as her, several other citizens took advantage of the campaign, which seeks to reduce excessive procreation and animal abandonment, and in which more than 30 domestic dogs and cats in street situation were treated and later adopted.

Working for the welfare of animals, the City of Valladolid, headed by Mayor Enrique Ayora Sosa, together with civil associations and Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 2 offered free of charge the spay and neuter surgical procedures.

“As City Council, we are committed to promote and carry out these type of actions more frequently, in order to improve the welfare of animals and public health,” said Maria de los Angeles de Guadalupe Villanueva Vivas, of the Committee on Health, Welfare, and Sustainable Development, as she invited the public to join the next sterilization campaigns.

“We aim to reduce the number of stray dogs that currently exist for what we work with animal protection laws in the municipality. We appreciate the support provided by the City Council to deal with this heatlh and social problem, “said Laura Arceo, member of the Protective Association” Apaccc “.

This campaign was carried out in the operating theater of the Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 2, in coordination with Apaccc A.C Animal Rescue and the Oriente Veterinary Hospital.

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