Two cases of sexual abuse in the same night in Mérida

Despite campaigns to stop gender-based violence and to impose bigger punishments for crimes against women, two women were victims of sexual assault while they inside their own respective homes on the same day. One of the victims is from Brazil.

Fortunately, the subjects were arrested and nowthey  face criminal proceedings. They are G. J. R. C. and O. N. R. R.

Against G.J.R.C. an imputation was made for the crimes of rape and damage to property of others, when he was identified as responsible for the sexual attack committed against a female person, of Brazilian nationality, on January 12 in Mérida, Yuc.

The attack too place inside the property located in José María Iturralde (Las Águilas) subdivision, southern Mérida, as the perpetrator broke in through a window.

According to the investigation file, once he entered the property, the suspect went directly to the victim’s room and allegedly sexually abused her.

Prior to the formulation of imputation, the control judge Rómulo Antonio Bonilla Castañeda decreed the arrest of the individual, who on Thursday, January 17, will be presented at a hearing to define his legal situation.

After the request of the Attorney General of the State, the suspect was placed under preventive custody  for the entire duration of the process.

Second case
As for the facts that are attributed to O. N. R. C., it was found out that on that same day, January 12, the victim was sleeping at home when she suddenly felt that a man was on top of her, so she started shouting.

The victim’s brother immediately entered the room and surprised the subject raping his sister, the rapist tried to flee, but he was stopped by the victim’s brother, he was arrested and handed over to agents of the Public Security Secretariat, who came to the place to take notice of the acts.

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