Two brothers went hunting in Dzilam, one gets shot in the chest in “hunting accident”

A sad ending had a hunting trip for a couple of brothers in the forest near Dzilam Bravo, after one of them got shot to death in what is apparently a “hunting accident”.

On Saturday Jan. 19, around 22:00 hours, brothers Arturo and Víctor C. C. went hunting north of the town, but by Arturo was accidentally shot in the chest and he died right on the spot.

His brother Víctor, in his first statement, said that his brother and him were hunting but they got separated, after a few hours in the mountain he heard a shot and the screams of his brother so he ran to the place.

When he arrived, he saw his brother Arturo who managed to say to him “I was shot” before he fell unconscious, so he immediately informed the municipal authorities who arrived with SSP paramedics, but could not do anything, because Arturo no longer showed vital signs.

Hours later, ministerial police officers arrived on site, to collect data of the incident and to proceed with the lifting of the body.

Meanwhile, Victor was arrested as the main suspect in the death of his brother, in what could be an imprudence homicide. Local authorities already open the corresponding file in the municipality of Motul.

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