The countdown to Valentine’s Day officially begins. Before you know it, your Instagram feed will be filled with teddy bears, roses, pink boxes of chocolates, and couples standing hand-in-hand. If you’re not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day may just be another day to you, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. I’m a firm believer that Valentine’s Day can be whatever you make of it. In fact, I took a solo trip to Tulum on Valentine’s Day. It was honestly the sweetest gift I’ve given myself, and my story just might convince you to embark on a journey like this, too.

I travel solo frequently, and I’ve fallen in love with it over the past few years. Even still, there are certain holidays and instances where being alone feels a bit unusual. Christmas and Thanksgiving definitely feel that way, because I’ve always spent these days surrounded by loved ones. So naturally, I shuddered at the thought of spending Valentine’s Day all by myself. Then I realized that I could choose to see this day from a different perspective, and went for it.

I booked a flight to Tulum, Mexico, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. To my surprise, this solo trip ended up being one of my favorite trips to date, and I think it’s something everyone should experience for themselves.




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