Russia and Yucatan strengthen ties in the footsteps of Yuri Knórosov

SPUTNIK NEWS.- Following the line opened by Yuri Knórosov, the Maya center of studies that bears his name, located in Merida, Yucatán, in the Heart of the Peninsula, brings Russia closer to this key area of ​​the ancient Mesoamerica.

The Center for Maya Studies Yuri Knórosov (CEMYK), in Guatemala, has been working in the area for four years. This year, the center published the Spanish edition of ‘Batiendo la espuma de cocoa‘, the work of Dr. Galina Ershova, who founded and runs this center, along with Dr. Dmitry Beliaev, a Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics, Oxford University Professor with an outstanding academic background including a MSc in Mathematics.

“Publications show the results of our investigations of the history of cocoa, from its domestication as a cultivation plant to its development as chocolate, recalling its pre-Hispanic past,” Adrián Maldonado, deputy director of the Center, told Sputnik.

CEMYK also devotes its efforts to the elaboration of a volume dedicated to different Mayan Codex (Códices Mayas), in collaboration with professors and researchers of the Autonomous University of Yucatan and the State Humanities University of Russia.

They have, in turn, the ambitious project to develop an Epigraphic Atlas that will become the corpus of the most complete register of inscriptions in the Maya area, which includes field seasons in Guatemala, as well as its work in Mexico.

The center was named after the Russian scientist Yuri V. Knórosov, who devoted part of his scientific work to the history of the Maya area. In 1952 he published his work “Ancient writing of Central America” ​​which allowed to decipher the prehispanic Maya writing.

This expanded the previous understanding of the cultural dimension of Mesoamerican life and opened new lines of research in archeology and history in that area, in which it seeks to transit the center that bears his name.

During 2018, CEMYK participated in the organization of the international book fair in Yucatan, in which Russia was the guest country. During that event, a monument to Knórosov was unveiled located between the Siglo XXI convention center and the great Mayan world museum in Merida.

Monument to Knórosov unveiled between the Siglo XXI convention center and the Great Maya World museum in Merida. (PHOTO: Reforma)

“In Mexico we thank the Government of the State of Yucatan headed by Mauricio Vila Dosal for the coordination and support it has given to CEMYK for the achievement of our objectives, as well as the patronage of the cultural and tourist units of Yucatán, today led by Mauricio Díaz Montalvo and the Secretariat of Culture and Arts, Erica Millet Corona, ”  the deputy director of the Center concluded the interview with SPUTNIK NEWS.

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