Progreso: Cases of “bullying” more and more frequent in local schools

The Department of Psychology of Progreso’s Municipal DIF intensified the talks on “bullying” in local schools.

This action is implemented in order to reinforce strategies so that children and young people understand the importance of avoiding all types of violence.

Wendy Graniel Campos, Psychologist in charge of this area, gave details about the importance of this campaign that seeks to create awareness among the people of this port: “We are working on the issue of “bullying” because of the large number of cases that come to the Health Office to be attended.”

“Every day aggressions increase in the our schools. What we want to do is reinforce the values in the children and teachers so that they are more aware of their importance, “Wendy Graniel said.

She stressed that parents have to strengthen values at home, because that’s where a good education starts, “from home they have to teach them that a conflict is not solved with violence, because violence only produces more violence.”

The psychologist pointed out that the signs of a victim of “Bullying”can be constant beatings, marks in the body, change of behavior, isolation, not wanting to go to school, or that the child begins to be rude to his/her own parents, or fear to other colleagues.

“In case of noticing any of these signs, you need to seek professional help, and you need talk to your children’s teachers at once”, concluded Wendy Graniel.

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