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Predictions: Trump will go in 2019

by Yucatan Times
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John Leboutillier, opinion contributor for “The Hill” a US non-partisan political centered biased newspaper published in Washington, D.C. with a print circulation, which happens to be the largest of any Capitol Hill publication and a publishing content on its website, which features six blogs dedicated to specific political and policy issues, has made 30 predictions. These are some of them.

  1. Donald J. Trump’s presidency WILL NOT survive 2019.
  2. The downward trajectory of every aspect of his tenure indicates that the U.S. is heading for a spectacular political crash-and-burn — and fairly soon;
  3. Donald Trump’s increasingly erratic and angry behavior, his self-imposed isolation, his inability and refusal to listen to smart advisers that he hired, all are leading him to a precipice.
  4. The global and U.S. economies are softening in great part because of the unnecessary and ill-conceived trade war Trump has launched against Mexico, Canada and the USA European allies.
  5. Consumer confidence is declining and the American economy will slow noticeably in 2019. A recession is coming for 2020.
  6. The volatility in the stock markets threatens to weaken Trump’s support among the GOP donor class, which will translate to GOP senators pulling away from Trump in short order.
  7. Legally, Trump is in peril from not only from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation but also from separate investigations being conducted by the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York into Trump’s life and business dealings;
  8. Fox News hosts are beginning to question the Trump administration’s actions on air, showing cracks— albeit, small cracks at the moment — in Fox’s heretofore 100 percent fealty to Trump. These cracks will expand into chasms as news and entertainment mogul Rupert Murdoch calculates Trump’s prognosis and decides he doesn’t want his Fox News network to go down the drain with Trump.
  9. Fox recently lost several days in a row to MSNBC in the ratings race— and Fox host Sean Hannity has lost 20 percent of his nightly audience since the midterm elections.
  10. The Mueller investigation will come to an end in 2019
  11. The Mueller investigation will unveil evidence of Trump putting himself out to the highest bidder in return for campaign help and financing: Russians, Saudis, Emiratis, Qataris — there will be evidence that millions of foreign dollars illegally flowed into the Trump campaign coffers in 2016.
  12. Now that Trump has removed Secretary of Defense James Mattis, he can do what he tried in 2018: He will remove U.S. troops from South Korea; which is exactly what North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and China and Russia want the US to do. Trump tried this last springbut Mattis and former chief of staff John Kelly talked him out of it; now, neither one remains to stop him.

  1. In June, the Democratic Party presidential race will begin to take shape when the first TV debates begin with perhaps two dozen candidates; no one yet can predict who will emerge as the 2020 nominee, but history is a guide here. Kennedy, Carter,  Clinton and Obama all won the Democratic nomination in great part as a result of the energy and passion of an army of young people in the primaries. Who can connect the youth movement in 2020?
  2. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) has that energy behind him and incredible online fundraising abilities; if he runs, he will begin as a formidable candidate in a field of well-known, older candidates. That army of young people will be tempted to leave Sanders for O’Rourke — or their loyalties will split between the two, and that may open the door for someone unexpected to step forth.
  3. With Trump forced to exit the scene in 2019, the Trump hangover will bedevil the party, just as the immediate post-Nixon era did to the GOP in 1974. The 2020 Republican nomination fight will be even more brutal than the Democratic one.
  4. With Trump disgraced, both political parties will search for a message and a messenger.
  5. An unexpected candidate will seize the political center in 2020.

If these events will happen or not… remains to be seen.

Read The Hill original article HERE.


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