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Patient escapes from the Psychiatric Hospital of Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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The situation that prevails in the “Psychiatric Hospital of Yucatan” caused the escape of the patient Miguel Concha Narváez, 30 years old, who refuses to return due to the cancellation of the benefits that the Miguel Hidalgo Mental Health Model of Attention.

Therefore, the man now wanders through the streets of the Historic Center of Merida, and on the night of Tuesday January 8th,  former members of the administration staff of the “Psychiatric Hospital of Yucatan” saw him on the street, and invited him for breakfast.

Specialist Jessica Andrade Márquez, who was in charge of the hospital management, gave the man ambulatory care, with the application of the respective medications since he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

Since the patient did not have the proper dose for three days, he was upset and hungry, but he was apparently under control, when he was invited to have breakfast in a restaurant in Mérida’s Centro.

Andrade Márquez stated that on the evening of Tuesday January 8th, they spotted the patient, next to the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Ildefonso, and he declared that he ran away due to the situation that prevails in the hospital, especially, since they no longer are able to participate in the workshops.

“They do not feed me. They do not give me a snack. They treat us badly, ” the patient told Andrade Márquez.

According to laverdadnoticias.com Paris Hernández Sánchez, was designated as the new director of the Hospital last Wednesday Jan. 2, and immediately canceled the inmates activities and benefits.

Patient Concha Narvaez told the Technical Secretary of the National Council of Mental Health (Consame), Virginia González Torres,  that he escaped from the Psychiatric Center because he was told that if he didn’t pay 30 pesos, they will not feed him, and at that moment he understood he was cured from his mental desease. ”

“I am sleeping on the street now …”, he expressed at the same time he thanked Andrade Márquez for the meal.

According to the official documentation, dated December 29, 2018, “Miguel Concha Narváez, 30 years old, has been a patient since 2015, with file number 259-15. He was hospitalized with a chronic case of IDx Schizophrenia Paranoid, and his pharmacological treatment is in charge of Dr Marco Israel Quintero Avila. ”

Likewise, the document adds that Concha Narváez goes to the psychosocial rehabilitation workshops from Monday to Friday, receiving an economic support of $ 40 per day.”

Today, shortly before noon, personnel who worked at the Psychiatric Center went to search for him, and once he was found he was invited to eat, but he was upset because he had been without his medication for three days.

Andrade Márquez lamented that the Miguel Hidalgo Model of Mental Health Care has been removed, since many of the inmates were getting good results with it, and Miguel Concha Narváez decided to escape when he learned that the workshops were canceled.

So far, the current director of the Hospital, Paris Hernández Sánchez, has not yet issued any statement regarding the escape of this patient.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.co

(Photo: laverdadnoticias.com)

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