Paramedics of the Red Cross of Tizimín prevent a suicide

Paramedics of the Red Cross of Tizimín, prevented a man from becoming the third suicide victim of the year in Yucatan, as they arrived just in time to stop him, this was reported by authorities of this municipality.

According to the data collected, the 39-year-old man, identified as José Tomás, tried to take his life with a machete, but was rescued by the paramedics before he bleeded to death.

The incident occurred at Calle 15 (beween 26 and 28) in Tizimin’s La Huayita neighborhood, and it was his brother who realized that José Tomás was lying in a pool of blood around two in the morning on January 3rd, and called the emergency number 911.

The subject tried to take his own life by cutting the veins of both arms with a machete, but before he bled to death, the emergency personnel of the Tizimin Red Cross applied first aid and transferred him to San Carlos hospital for medical attention.

It is noteworthy that this is the second attempted suicide in Tizimin so far this week, as just last Saturday a 32-year-old man also sought to take his own life, but in this case the tragic ending was also prevented by Tizimin Red Cross paramedics.

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