More and more accidents involving motorcycle drivers in Yucatán

“During the first 13 days of the 2019 ten people have died in traffic accidents in Yucatan, with 60% of those ocurring on Mérida’s Periférico”, according to data from road inspector René Flores Ayora.

Recently, on Sunday 13, a couple died riding a motorcycle on the Izamal-Tekal road in Venegas.

The accident occurred when the driver of a Ford pick-up truck, who happens to be the couple’s own son, lost control of the vehicle killing his parents and injuring three people more.

While in the early hours of Friday, January 11, on kilometer 48 of  Mérida’s Periferico, at the intersection of the Tixcacal-Opichen district, a motorcyclist died when he was hit by a big cargo truck. The deceased was identified as David Manuel C. N., 34 years old, who was driving the TSN-4D license plate motorcycle was thrown about 50 meters from the point of impact.

The police report indicated that the fatal victims were five motorcyclists, representing 58 percent of the victims, two drivers (with 28 percent) and a pedestrian; with 14 percent.

The specialist said that of the total number of people killed, 44% died in Mérida and 56% elsewhere in the State.

In terms of gender, 86% were men and 14% are women.

As a curious fact, the road inspector noted that 44% of accidents occur during the morning; 28 percent in the afternoon as well as at night; while the days of greatest incidence, so far this year are: Thursday 43%, Wednesday 29%, Monday 14% and Tuesday also 14%.

In regard to 2018, traffic accidents left at least 230 casualties (50% were motorcyclists), 32 of them on the Periférico de Mérida. Of the 230 people killed in road accidents in 2018, 95 were motorcyclists, 29 cyclists, 41 car passengers, 25 car drivers and 40 pedestrians.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE



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