A group of women from San Antonio Chum in Uman, concerned about improving their environment, created the association U Tuumben Ajal (A new awakening). With it they have managed to rebuild Maya homes and even earn the resources to build a library in their community.

María del Rosario Molina Chi, member of the association and herbalist assistant, in an interview with La Verdad, mentioned that one of the priorities they have is housing, since some homes do not have a roof and others are in very bad conditions.

Currently they are supporting 15 homes, but in total, they have put up 32 flat roofs, rebuilt 27 Maya houses and managed to paint about 387 homes in their community located in the municipality of Uman.

She also stated that this month will begin the construction of the library, which will feature an esplanade of traditional games, film projection, a basketball court, restrooms, cellar and a stage for theatrical plays.

In order to achieve this, she said that they put the project into various bids in order to obtain the resources. The first was done in Monterrey and the other in Mérida, both organized by local university.

Regarding health, the interviewee said that in the old days, when there were many diseases and there was no access to doctors, the grandparents used herbs to effectively cure people, and now they are following the practice.

“The foundation supports me to learn, ”  María del Rosario said.

She added that they want to rescue those traditions, and so they have been planting different types of trees and plants such as chaká, sinanché, xkanlol, xkakaltún, among others. And these way, they are also contributing to preserve these endemic species.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.com



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