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It is considered animal abuse to dress and put shoes on dogs: trainer

by Yucatan Times
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The head of the Canine Unit of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Raul Almaguer, said that dressing and putting shoes on dogs is an attack against the nature of those animals, it this can be considered as mistreatment.

In an interview with Notimex, the specialist in training and care of dogs reported that they can not feel the cold like humans, because their temperature is much higher than any person, and also have hair all over their bodies.

“The temperature in normal puppies is 39.5 C° and in adult dogs of 38.5 C° , even in the Xoloitzcuintle breed, as it is a “nude” dog, the temperature is one degree higher than all the others that have longer hair,” he explained.

He stated that the dog is not cold, people are the ones who think they feel it. “It’s like children, sometimes mothers think that the child is cold and they shelter them or put on sweaters or jackets.”

That is why putting shoes or clothes on dogs is unnatural, it goes against the dog’s nature, and it should be considered animal abuse, because in some way, this causes them suffering or damage.

Raúl Almaguer explained that dogs are not cold because what is cold for the human being is tempered.

In Mexico City there is a Law against animal abuse, which establishes rights and obligations of animals and their dependents, and there are also sanctions to punish inappropriate behavior.

Article 23 of the Mexican Law states that “every person, physical or moral, has the obligation to provide dignified and respectful treatment to any animal”, while Article 24, says that acts of cruelty and mistreatment on any animal must be sanctioned, this mistreatment may come from their owners, managers or third parties that interact with them.

Among these illicit acts are: to cause their death using any means that prolong the agony or cause suffering; the slaughter of animals using methods other than those established in Mexican official standards and, where appropriate, environmental regulations.

Also any mutilation, alteration of the physical integrity or negative modification of its natural instincts, that is not made under justified cause and care of a specialist or duly authorized person with technical knowledge in the matter.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions stated hereby are those of the trainer and not necessarily those of the Yucatan Times.

SMT Newsroom with information periodicocorreo.com.mx

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