Huachicol in Yucatan! 80,000 liters of gasoline were seized near Mérida

In a joint operation between authorities, a warehouse was secured in Yucatan, where allegedly eighty thousand liters of gasoline were seized.

The Federal Police, the Mexican Army (SEDENA), PGR, SSP and PEMEX participated in the operation. The seizure was carried out in a warehouse located at kilometer 2.5 of the Mérida-Tixkokob highway, just 10 miles away from downtown Mérida. Besides, the storage place is located right next to a gas station.

The authorities entered the place, where they allegedly found thousands of liters of gasoline, as it was necessary to use cranes from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) to carry out the confiscation.

According to local authorities, four 20,000-liter containers known as “muelas” (molar), and dozens of jugs with a capacity of 20 liters each, were seized by the state police.

Approximately 80 thousand liters of gasoline allegedly stolen or of illicit origin commonly called “huachicol”, were found in a warehouse in the outskirts of Mérida.

After two and a half hours at the site carrying out the operation, the PGR sealed the place with yellow tape. Absolutely no arrests have been made so far in relation to this seizure.

Recently the commander of the Yucatán’s 32nd. Military Zone, Andrés Fernando Aguirre O. Sunza, argued that there is no evidence to determine that criminal groups dedicated to “huachicoleo” exist in the state.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that authorities find “huachicol” in Yucatán, hundreds of liters of fuel have been confiscated in different clandestine warehouses across the state in recent years. Busts have ben made in places such as Homún, Sisal (Hunucmá municipality) and along the federal highway that connects Mérida to Cancún.

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