Genius dog saves owners life by leading ambulance towards him

The emergency services received a call from neighbors in Yuncheng, China, warning them that a man was unconscious in an alley. Shortly after, the ambulance arrived and they found a dog that got in the middle of the road, barked at them and took them to their owner


The dog, of the Golden Retriever breed, was the companion animal of the man that the paramedics were going to help. The ambulance camera recorded how the dog guided them. Iang Xu, one of the rescuers, told Pear Video that while barking, the Golden Retriever kept looking back to see if the ambulance was following him.

Dashcam footage shows the dog anxiously looking over its shoulder several times in order to make sure the paramedics are following it before the pup picks up speed and runs through the maze of alleyways.

Thanks to the dog’s clever hand in the rescue, paramedics were able to find the man and bring him to the hospital for treatment.