Gasoline Shortage Spreads Throughout Mexico

In his morning lecture, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke of his first crisis in the Government of Mexico: the shortage of gasoline.

AMLO reported that an “accident-leak” was registered in the Tuxpan-Azcapotzalco pipeline, which passes through Hidalgo, a situation that has further aggravated the problem of gasoline shortage. Given this situation, Obrador called on Mexicans to be patient and not to panic, as the process is normalizing.

About the repairs of the pipeline, the president said that they are being fixed and it is expected that in the next couple of days will be ready and with this, the situation of gasoline supply will be fixed. However, yesterday the general director of the National Airborne Chamber (Canaero) Rodrigo Pérez Alonso, informed that the problem of fuel shortage already affects the Airborne sector in at least three airports in the country; however, the Lopez Obrador government has denied this fact.

The Intercontinental Airport of Querétaro suffers from the shortage of fuel. Here a NOTAM showing there is no turbo available

Through his Twitter account, the executive said he has been working hand in hand with Pemex and Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA), the latter in charge of distributing turbosina, aircraft fuel of vital importance.

Addressing the rumors about not having gasoline in the country, AMLO insisted that there is enough fuel in Mexico but the pipelines can not be used because there are “networks of gasoline robbers”(huachicoleros) created to extract and steal the gasoline. However, there has not been a shortage of fuel in Mexico for decades, situation quite common in socialist countries such as Cuba and Venezuela.

Gasoline shortage in Mexico



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