From Muna to Hunucmá, supply and demand in the Yucatecan fruit market

The municipal market of the city of Hunucmá could be seen on the early morning hours of Tuesday Jan. 24th, literally invaded with sweet oranges and mandarins, fruits that are in great demand at this part of the state.

These citrus natural products were brought from the town of Muna, in south of the state, by the truckload, the delivery vehicles can be observed along the streets of Hunucma, with their precious cargo shinning under the sun.

From the gates of a parking lot, to the main entrance of the market or in front of a fruit shop on Calle 26.

The people who dispatched at the first site said they sell the box of mandarin at $ 70 pesos and the sweet orange at $ 80 pesos, they also have $ 10-peso bags available.

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