Given the increase in the number of foreigners visiting Yucatan to learn the Maya language, the Subdirectorate of Education of the Social Welfare Directorate works on the project of creating a digital platform, through which citizens of other countries can be able to access online classes to learn the language from their homeland.

Currently, the municipal office has two municipal academies for language learning, the first focused on the English language with a total of 1,600 students, and the second on Maya, with 287 students.

In this regard, Mérida’s Deputy Director of Education, Aldo Díaz Novelo, said that the acceptance of citizens to learn both languages ​​is increasing, to the extent that English classes are now saturated at the municipal academy.

“Talking about Maya, we started with workshops, but now we offer language courses certified by the Ministry of Education. We are in the process of creating the platform and certify it, that is the difficult part, since we have to involve the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) and other government agencies” Díaz Novelo concluded.

Classes are taught in a facility located in the neighborhood of La Ermita, in the cultural centers of Cholul and Molas, Casa Mata, Nora Quintana and the “Centro Integral del Sur“.

Source: SIPSE