Fantasy: the starting point for FILEY Yucatán 2019

The Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), through the International Book Fair Yucatán (FILEY), and the SM Foundation invite reading promoters, librarians, coordinators and mediators of Reading Rooms, as well as professionals interested in the promotion of reading, to the Meeting of Promoters of Reading “The fantasy and its multiple readings” that will take place on March 21 and 22 during the 8th edition of the Book Fair.

The program of this meeting is based on research by Evelyn Arizpe, who argues that children and young people who read illustrated books usually do more descriptive and critical analysis, getting imaginative and empathic deductions that exceed the emotion and pleasure of reading. Thus, “The fantasy and its multiple readings” is the result of the sum of interests of the FILEY and the SM Foundation for contributing to the training of readers, providing reading promoters with practical and fun tools to work with young readers in their schools and communities.

The meeting will begin with the keynote address “The readings of my life” by Sara Sefcovich and the round table “The images that inspire literary texts or the texts that inspire the illustration” in which famous Mexican cartoonists Kiren Miret and Trino will participate. The first day of activities will end with the workshop “Words that create images”, by Alejandro Magallanes.

On the second day of work the conference “The pleasure of being a reader” will be hosted by Jaime Alfonso Sandoval; the lecture “From illustrated books to visual narratives” with Carlos Mondragón, Manuvo and Laura García Arroyo (“La bichosa Laura”), as well as the table of local reading experiences and the workshop “« The voice and the body », The best tools to promote reading” taught by Adrián Nuche and Alejandro Herrera.

The press conference, held to publicize this important training project that is presented as one of the novelties of the FILEY in its next edition 2019, was chaired by Dr. Celia Rosado Avilés, General Secretary of the Autonomous University of Yucatán , on behalf of the Rector, Dr. José de Jesús Williams; the C.P. Rodolfo Cobos Argüelles, General Director of FILEY; Professor Nubia Macías Navarro, NM Director Consultant and cultural manager on behalf of the SM Foundation; Lic. Cecilia Espinosa Bonilla, Director of the SM Mexico Foundation; Lic. Ana Ceballos Novelo, Director of Cultural and Artistic Development of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, representing the Secretary, Lic. Érica Millet Corona and Dr. Graciela Cortés Camarillo, Director General of Educational Development and Regional Management of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the State of Yucatan, on behalf of Mtra. Loreto Villanueva Trujillo, head of the agency that endorses the collaborative work that the institutions carry out in favor of the culture and development of our state.

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