Downtown Mérida registers positive economic activity at the end of the year

On the last weekend of the year, consumers headed to the plazas, mercados, supermarkets, shops and stores in the downtown area to acquire all kinds of items, groceries, gifts, wine & spirits, as well as any other type of object related to the celebration of New Year’s Eve.

Data from the Canacome and Canirac revealed that during these dates the most benefited businesses were the commercial plazas, shops, hotels and restaurants.

Domestic and foreign tourists also contributed to the economic spill in the Historic Center of Mérida, as visitors saturated mainly the restaurants of typical food, the Plaza Grande, the monument to the Homeland and the Turibus.

The National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (Canirac) noted that during this time of the year, the city’s restaurants are very popular with tourists who come to the state to spend the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season.

The Canirac noted that this is the best time of year for the sector in terms of services and economic benefits, and good sales were registered on average for most of the downtown eateries, restaurants and bars.

According to Canirac, there are 10 thousand food businesses operating in the Yucatan, including restaurants, snack bars, taquerias, cocinas economicas, eateries and franchises.

Restaurants across the city launched their own promotions for New Year’s diners, and many locals and tourists went to receive the new year there accompanied by family and friends.