There is a new space that will bring acting and music closer to locals and tourists in Mérida!

We’re talking about “Casa Santa Ana Theater” which just recently opened its doors on Saturday, December 29, presenting a special version of the Mexican play “Aventurera“.

With a theater-restaurant concept, this innovative venue located just a few steps from the Santa Ana square, will operate from Wednesday to Sunday in the evenings, offering a variety of shows every day in different genres such as regional plays and formal assemblies, stand up comedy, as well as recitals and interdisciplinary acting performances.

Aventurera“, the play that marked the beginning of the cycle of shows is a musical inspired by the rumberas 1940´s Mexican film of the same name, with the corresponding adaptation to the Yucatan context, and starring local actress Anahí Cisneros.

“The opening of this theater that is now a forum for Yucatecan shows, is a dream that me and my team have had for seven years, but fortunately now the opportunity has been given to make it happen,” said actor Sergio Carrillo.

He explained that this new adventure in which several collaborators join forces, aims to spread the regional theater, as well as new expressions of the genre, always taking care of the quality of the productions and avoiding vulgar, crude and ordinary contents or performances.

The producer said that plays will be presented every Saturday in January, such as: “The night of laughter”, “Poch strawberries”, “I fell in love with a Mestiza“, “Agüelito you tell me” and “The Panucho King”, among others. (All these plays are in Spanish)

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE