5 Amazing Facts About Dogs You May Not Know

Dogs are humans’ best friends, that is why we bring you these awesome 5 surprising facts about dogs.

1.  Dogs have a sense of time — That is why they miss you when you’re gone… But also, that is how they know it’s time for dinner or a walk. Dogs pick up on our routines and habits, and they also sense how much time has passed. Studies show how dogs responded to their owners being gone for different lengths of time.

2. Your dog’s whiskers help him “see” in the dark. — By this we do not mean night-vision or a super power, but dogs whiskers pick up on subtle changes in the air around them, providing information about the size, shape, and speed of things nearby. This allows your dog to better sense approaching dangers or prey even at night.

3. Dogs do sweat… but only have sweat glands in their paws. — More specifically, they are found between their paw pads. That’s why it can help to wet the bottom of their feet on a hot day, and it’s also why dogs rely on panting as a means of cooling down.

4. A dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times better than any humans. —Depending on the breed, your dog has between 125 million to 300 million scent glands, compared to only 5 million for humans. And the part of your dog’s brain that controls smell is 40 times larger than yours, that is why your dog can smell your feelings and can pick up on subtle changes in your scent, which can help him figure out how you are feeling, by smelling your perspiration when you become nervous or fearful. It’s also known that dogs can detect certain diseases or know that a household member is pregnant.

5. Dogs can hear 4 times as far as humans, even thou as puppies they are born deaf, but they quickly surpass our hearing abilities. Dogs can also hear higher pitched sounds, detecting a frequency range of 67 to 45,000 hertz, while the human range is from 64 to 23,000 hertz. In both dogs and humans, the upper end of hearing range decreases with age.


Now you know a little more about you dog friend. Hope you enjoyed it!


The Yucatan Times