Yucatan state government organizes event for “winter visitors” and Expats in Progreso

The Yucatan Times conducted an exclusive interview with LAE. Álvaro Juanes Laviada, General Coordinator of Advisors and Ariadne Morales Acevedo, Coordinator of International Affairs, from the General Coordination of Advisors of the Office of the Governor of Yucatán Mauricio Vila Dosal.

1.- What are the functions of the International Affairs Coordination?
The functions of the Coordination of International Affairs are: 1.-) To be the link of the Governor’s Office with the international community in the Yucatan and the exterior in general. 2.-)  Give technical support to the secretariats in internationalization issues, and 3.-) Provide assistance for the organization and realization of international tours.

2.- Why does the Yucatan state government consider the foreign community so important?
The foreign community that has decided to establish full time or temporary residence in Yucatan, more specifically at the Yucatecan coast, positively impacts the local economy and on the time of the year when this population returns to the coast, it creates a very important social bond with the beach community, as they carry out altruistic activities.

3.- How did the project “Attention Window for Foreigners” (Ventanilla de Atención al Extranjero) come about?
The Foreigner’s Attention Window was created with the intention of offering a better quality of life to all American and Canadian citizens that decided to establish full time or temporary residence on the Yucatan coast during the winter season.

Every country is very different from each other, and when foreign people come to our state, most of them are not familiar with the laws, rules, customs and traditions, therefore, we want to help and let them know how things work down here in the Yucatán.

4.- What kind of advantages or benefits the Foreigner’s Attention Window project offers to users?
The Foreigner’s Attention Window provides information, assistance and support to foreign citizens who reside in the Yucatan coast on a temporary or permanent basis. Our role is to put them in direct contact with the corresponding authority in case of an incident. For example, if they are victims of robbery, we explain what they must do to report the crime, and how to recover their belongings when the local authorities capture those responsible.

5.- Where is the Foreigner’s Attention Window located, what are the service hours, is there some kind of online service?
The Foreigner’s Attention Window is physically located at the International Affairs Coordination office, inside the Siglo XXI Convention Center Administrative Building, on the 4th floor,

  • Calle 20-A, No. 284-B x 3-B,
  • Col. Xcumpich, Mérida, Yuc.
  • Tel .: 920.39.47 Ext. 47257
  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

People can also contact us via email to: olivia.bakker@yucatan.gob.mx

6.- Please tell us about the event that will take place on December 19 in the port of Progreso?
On December 19, in conjunction with the City Council of Progreso, a welcome event will be held for “Snowbirds” (term used to describe a group of seasonal travelers (usually retirees) who migrate to areas with warmer climates during the winter months).

This event has been organized in appreciation to all of those who visit us during the winter months, to spend a “warmer” time down here in the Yucatan, from November to April. In recognition to the importance this group of people have for the economy of our coastal areas.

7.- Is this an open invitation to the foreign community?
The event is aimed at retired expats who live in Yucatan, temporarily or permanently and like to expand their circle of friends or make new contacts.

8.- Could you give us all the details in relation to this event so that members of the foreign community know what it is about and attend?
The event will be called “Snowbirds Fiesta 2018“, it will be held on Wednesday December 19th, at 17:00 hrs. in the Courtyard of the House of Culture of the City Council of Progreso (Casa de Cultura de Progreso), located on Calle 25 x 80, Centro.

After the opening of the event, there will be a regional dance and music show, stands where useful tourist information and promotion will be offered, and cochinita pibil.

9.- What plans does the Government of the State of Yucatan have to maintain the good quality of life that attracts foreigners and guarantee that they continue to come?
In order for our state to remain a benchmark for security and tranquility, the State Government will continue to work in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security, the Secretariat of Tourism Development, the City Council of Progreso among other government agencies to improve the good quality of life that attracts so many foreigners, and make sure they return with pleasure to our friendly and safe State.

10.- What would be the message of the Coordination of International Affairs of the Governor’s Office to the foreign community?
Every visitor who arrives in Yucatan is treated with the same kindness and respect with which we treat our fellow citizens, we guarantee that we will do our best to make them feel as good as at home, and we ask them to please do not hesitate to go to the Customer Service Window to the Foreigner if they need guidance of any kind.

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