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Young woman commits suicide in Northern Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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According to the “Statistics on mortality” of the Ineg interactive data consultation system, between 2006 and 2015 the annual average of suicides is 5,350 cases. However, in the last three years the figures have grown significantly: in 2013 there were 5,909 cases, in 2014 a total of 6,337 cases and in 2017 a total of 6,425 suicides in the year. The above means having gone from an average of 16 to 17 cases per day.

According to the “Mexico Social” association, the state in which suicides account for a greater proportion of accidental and violent deaths are: Yucatán, with 22%; Quintana Roo, with 18.4%; Campeche, with 17%; Aguascalientes, with 15.6%; Baja California Sur, with 12.8%; Tabasco, with 12.3%; Guanajuato, with 11.9%; San Luis Potosí, with 11%; Querétaro, with 10.5%; Sonora, with 10.1%, and Mexico City and Jalisco, with 10% each.

And now, in less than two days, two cases of suicide have been registered in the city of Merida, one in Colonia Robles, and the other in Sodzil Norte, in both cases, young women committed suicide due to a strong case of emotional depression.

According to SIPSE, a 42 year-old woman discovered the terrible scene when entering her house, located on Calle 25-A in Sodzil Norte, where her 24 year-old niece was hanging by the neck.

After lowering the body to the floor and trying to give her CPR, the woman ended up calling 911 , and unfortunately nothing could be done by the Paramedics who arrived minutes later, since the victim did not have vital signs.

Agents of the Semefo arrived at the house to proceed with the removal of the corpse and its subsequent transfer to the Coroner’s office to carry out the autopsy.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE 

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