The mayor of Ticul, Rafael Montalvo Mata, indicated that the governments is currently looking for the city, located to the south of the State, to become “Magical Town” to be incorporated, in a more solid way, to the tourist offer of the state in the coming years.

He explained that for his municipality to aspire to be “Pueblo Mágico” it was necessary that the site had a natural attraction within its territory and Ticul has the Yotholín caves, which were abandoned for many years.

“Nobody had considered the caves as a potential driver of tourism and the economy, until high school students of that community had the initiative to promote this site. As we entered the caves accompanied by personnel from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and other agencies, we found out that the place has a great potential to become a major tourit attraction” the mayor said.

“Upon entering we realized that it is a really wonderful site, similar in size to the caves of Lol-Tún, considered one of the largest cavern systems in the State and also located to the southeast of the Yucatecan capital.

“This allows us to comply, at the outset, with one of the most complicated requirements that a town has to achieve to apply for this certification, which is why we are reordering public services at that point, as well as doing what is necessary for the sustainable use of this natural attraction. “, said Rafael Montalvo Mata.

He explained that in addition to the caves, Ticul has in its territory a good part of the most renowned pottery artisans in all Sputheast Mexico, as well as an important shoemaking activity. He stressed that the main square of Ticul has housed, for many years, one of the most important craft and footwear fairs in the State.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE