Valladolid was named one of the nine best emerging destinations to visit in North America according to the Travel Lemming website, dedicated to promoting unusual tourist places around the world.

Named the “hidden jewel” of Yucatan by the editors of the site, Valladolid is designated as a fundamental destination to learn more about the Maya culture and swim in the most beautiful cenotes in the region.

“It may be only 30 minutes from one of the most famous attractions in Mexico (the Chichen Itza Maya ruins), but the colonial city of Valladolid has somehow managed to stay out of the established tourist route,” says the website that invites tourits to visit the municipality and stay a day or two to get to know it better.

Valladolid shares the list with eight other cities in North America, including Manitoba in Canada, Alaska, Memphis, Sacramento and Savannah in the United States and Mar Chiquita in Puerto Rico.

Valladolid (Photo:

“Those who find time to soak in the magical city, end up asking themselves how come it was not at the top of their list in the first place.” (Travel Lemming)

The Yucatecan city competes to win the readers’ prize in its category with direct votes in the Travel Lemming site, although the election that was already done among the juries did not favor it, being Manitoba the winner.

The governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal invited through his Twitter account to vote for this Magic Town so it could be recognized as one of the best in the regions in the world to visit durng the holidays.

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