Street vendors in front of Cancun’s Plaza Las Américas will be removed

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Dec. 18, 2018.- The front of Plaza Las Americas is probably the most conflictive point in the city in terms of traffic, since there are 20 street vendors installed in the area, which cause traffic jams and block the sidewalk, making pedestrian flow difficult.

“The street vendors installed in front of the shopping center will be relocated as part of the Plan of Commerce for Public Roads (Plan de Comercio en la vía pública), which includes regulating this type of commercial activity throughout the city”, reported Israel García Lorenzo, Benito Juárez municipal official.

The section of Tulum Avenue that is in front of Plaza las Américas, Avenida 135 and the corner of Calle Kabah with Tules; these are the three points in which street vendors “started popping up out of nowhere”, therefore, muncipal authorities began to review the permits of each vendor to detect those who operate illegally.

Street vendors on Tulum Avenue, do have the corresponding permits, but their presence in the area is inconvenient, so a place to relocate them is being sought by local authorities.

“We already had a meeting with their administrator and representative, we need an action plan, since many of these vendors negotiated their permits through the unions,” García Lorenzo said.

The place to relocate the almost 20 merchants of food and miscellaneous items is yet to be defined, and before the municipal government seeks an agreement with the street vendors and the unions, they need to have a place for relocation.

The official recalled that at the beginning of the present administration, they had 50 applications for sales permits on public roads in different parts of the city, but only 18 of them were authorized.

“The other applications were denied according to the new regulation that brings changes in areas where activity is restricted, such as the hotel zone and the city center … we need to organize the city,” the official concluded.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE