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Protect your pets from fireworks stress

by Yucatan Times
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Alexis Dzib, Veterinarian based in the city of Mérida, informed that during this holiday season it is essential to take care of our pets especially from fireworks and all type of pyrotechnics, since these artifacts can seriously affect our dogs at home.

The specialist stated that among the main effects of fireworks to canines is anxiety.

He said that as a result of anxiety, many puppies and adult dogs look for ways to escape from home, and in somes cases they get hit by motor vehicles as they run away from the sound of pyrotechnics explosions.

The explosions of gunpowder affect the nervous system of animals, generating stress and emotional instability and aggravating their health. Palpitations, tachycardia, gasping, difficulty breathing, hypersalivation, tremors and nausea are some of the consequences of the stress provoked by fireworks.

The animals suffer affectations in the eardrum, disturbing their auditory capacity. The loud roar provokes a reaction of bewilderment, daze, fear and anguish, as well as loss of sense of direction.

Even though the animals are kept inside their homes they also suffer from the sound of fireworks. Pyrotechnics negatively affect all animals, not just dogs and cats. Birds, horses, farm animals (as well as some humans) … Everyone suffers the consequences.

The recommendation of the specialist during the Christmas – New Year’s holiday season, is to try to keep the pet as far as possible from the pyrotechnics, or else, keep it in a space where it is as comfortable as possible.

He also said that there is medication for anxiety, which is a frequent reason for consultation among veterinarians, so if the fear of pyrotechnics is very intense, you can go to your veterinarian and ask him to medicate your pet.

Alexis Dzib said that there are also bandages that are made to make your pet relax, and you can acquire them online, or in some pet specialized stores in Mérida.

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