Patient from Mérida’s Psychiatric Hospital steals delivery truck and smashes it into a wall

On Tuesday December 12th, a patient currently in treatment for mental health problems in the Psychiatric Hospital in Mérida, Yucatan, got out of the inmate’s area, stole a delivery truck property of “Huevo Crío”, and ended up crashing the vehicle against a wall.

Apparently the egg company’s driver was making a delivery at the hospital located in the west side of Mérida, got off the vehicle and left the car keys inside. When one of the mental patients somehow found his way out to the parking lot, got inside the car, started it up and began to drive uncontrollably up and down the Hospital´s premises, until he finally smashed the Nissan pick-up truck against a brick wall. Fortunately, nobody resulted injured.

According to laverdadnoticias, the accident was the result of mismanagement by the Yucatan Psychiatric Hospital, pointing out that the patients in mental treatment should be monitored at all times by hospital staff, and that these type of situations put family members, employees, visitors and other inmates at risk.

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