Mauricio Vila delivers new ambulances and medical equipment in hospitals throughout the state

The community hospitals of Ticul and Peto, as well as the general hospital of Tizimín and the Health Center of Progreso, now have new and modern ambulances totally equipped to offer emergency care for the benefit of more than 292,000 inhabitants, which comes to strengthen the health services network of the state as promised by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal during his campaign.

As part of a ceremony, Vila delivered the vehicles to the mayors of Ticul, Rafael Montalvo Mata; Peto, Edgar Calderón Sabido; Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, and Tizimín, Mario González González. A total of 6.5 million pesos were invested in the acquisition of these ambulances.

To complement this effort, the holder of the Executive Power also deliveres electrocardiographs for the medical units of Ticul, Peto and Tekax, one for each of these centers, as well as the municipalities of Valladolid and Tizimín, which received 3 respectively. Similarly, 7 electrocardiographs were delivered to the General Hospital “Doctor Agustín O’Horan”, 1 to the “Amistad Korea – Mexico” clinic, and one more to the Hospital Materno Infantil de Mérida.

In addition, the hospitals in Ticul, Valladolid, Tizimin and Tekax received a red emergency vehicle, respectively, (the “O’Horan” got two), that are used in the urgent care of patients with heart problems. 1.2 million pesos were invested in these special mobile units.

Vila Dosal said that these new ambulances and equipment are added to the nearly 150 medical transfer vehicles delivered to the 105 municipalities throughout the state, to the next installation of a CT scanner in the Valladolid Hospital and a hyperbaric chamber in Progreso, as well as the renovation of almost 60 medical facilities in different parts of the state, which strengthens and improves the quality of the medical services provided to the people of Yucatán.

“It is common to hear complaints about the public health services, pointing out the lack of medication and deficiencies in care, blaming the doctors and nurses. But this is not always the case, there are people who do an excellent job and do much more than what they have to do, so when medical staff have to work at twice their capacity, their performance can not be optimal, that’s why we are providing them the necessary tools, so they can provide an excellent medical service” Vila Dosal said during the ceremony held at the Yucatan Convention Center XXI Century.

Vila explained that the National Health Plan, which was presented last week in this capital and will initially begin in Yucatán and 7 other states, includes the federalization of health services, for which the Government of the country will be in charge of implementing the programs and carrying out the corresponding procedures to provide a quality service for the Yucatecans and all Mexicans.

For the above, he explained that the State Secretary of Health Mauricio Sauri Vivas will meet with his federal counterpart, Jorge Carlos Alcocer Varela, and with those of the other state which are participating in this new National Health Plan to address issues that will ensure a smooth transition.

In this context, Vila emphasized that the Government of the State maintains its commitment to bring quality services to the most needy communities in the state, so he mentioned that as proof of this, in just two months, his administration have put in operation important actions, such as the “Doctor at home” program. (Click here to learn more about the “Doctor at home” program)


TYT Newsroom with information from Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán



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