General Hospital of Valladolid offers new services

The commitment of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to endow the General Hospital of Valladolid with a state-of-the-art tomograph will be fulfilled shortly, since the work for the installation of this modern equipment is about to end, which will benefit 334,000 inhabitants in eastern Yucatan.

“It will also mark a new era in the improvement of health services in the state”, according to a statement.

In response to the instructions issued last October by the state governor during his visit to the Sultana de Oriente, the Ministry of Health (SSY) reported that the last adjustments of the electrical system are being made to put the device in operation, so soon the inhabitants of this region will have computerized health diagnoses.

With the installation of the tomograph in the Valladolid hospital, patients will no longer have to travel to Mérida for these kind of studies, which means saving money and time for their families because those will be at a very low price compared to what It would cost them in a private hospital.

The state agency explained that the tomographic equipment, brand Supria, was obtained through an investment of 15 million pesos and is specially designed for use in modern diagnostic clinics and high performance.

In addition, it offers optimal image quality and efficient workflow with state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing low radiation doses. The device has the ability to perform chest studies in eight seconds and full-body scans in just 13 seconds.

It also has applications for reconstruction in three dimensions (3D), analysis of cerebral blood flow, lung, dental and colonoscopy (CT).

The device represents a benefit for 334 thousand inhabitants of eastern Yucatan and it is estimated that it will allow the completion of 3,673 annual studies, especially for patients with abdominal, thorax and head pathologies, which are some of the most common in this hospital.

The arrival of this equipment was announced by Vila Dosal last October during the delivery of the first 47 medical transfer vehicles to 35 municipalities in the area, with the goal of providing cutting-edge medical care to the people of Yucatan who need it the most.

The installation of this tomograph in the General Hospital of Valladolid is of great importance as it is the main medical center of the Sanitary Jurisdiction number 2, which until November 30 attended an average of 1,012  patients for trauma and accidents.

The arrival of this team not only represents the beginning of the expansion of modern health services to this area of ​​Yucatan, but also to the whole state, improving the quality of life of the Yucatecans.

The tomograph for the Valladolid hospital and ambulances are part of a new scheme.

In its first stage, this strategy hopes to reach 10,000 families and by the time it operates throughout the territory it will benefit almost half a million Yucatecans, according to the State government.

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