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Fantastic Huichol art exhibition in Cancun

by Yucatan Times
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105 pieces of art, made by Huichol artists from the Sierra de Durango, arrived in Cancun and will be in display until February 7 at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel with the traveling exhibition of Menchaca Studio, in an exclusive interview for Novena Roo News, its creators César, Edmundo and Julio Menchaca, share how this project began, in addition to directly benefiting more than 500 artisans, it exalts and spreads Mexican culture throughout the world.

A family legacy
Julio Menchaca, the youngest of the dynasty, is a sculptor, painter and designer, and from a very young age he developed a passion and love for art, now  a promoter of the talent of the Wixáricas, better known as Huichols.

“It’s a project that started six years ago, it was born out of the passion we have for art and the love we feel for Mexico. Since I was a child I’ve been a painter and sculptor and suddenly, seeing how people bargained with artisans, we thought about merging Huichol art with large format pieces, putting an artistic touch that highlights the love for our country and try to make people value it, “said Julio, who shared that thanks to an alliance with the Intercontinental hotel chain, they have managed to take this exhibition to different places in the world.

Thanks to an alliance with the Presidente Intercontinental hotels, Menchaca Studio exhibits up to 105 pieces of art in Cancun; however, the studio has more than two thousand. They currently have exhibitions around the world in countries such as Dubai, Spain, the United States, Canada and France, the intention is to highlight Mexican culture throughout the country and the rest of the world.

(Photo: SIPSE)

Keep the Wixárica culture alive

César Menchaca, founder and creator of Menchaca Studio, has achieved that this millenary and beautiful art remains alive, be valued by the Mexicans themselves and shine in the greater cities of this world.

“Menchaca Studio was born out of the concern to see the extraordinary work that Mexicans do and try to give it the real dimension that it has, in this case, Huichol or Wixárica art, that the world knows and there is no better way to prepare incredible canvases for such an amazing art.

The first piece we did was an elephant and later our beloved rhino, which took five years to be completed, we have formula one racing car, and from there many different alliances have come to spread this marvelous art.

We have worked with artists like Maluma, in Colombia, and with Daniela Marré, creator of Circ Du Soleil, in Canada, many more personalities allow us to enter their home through our art. What Menchaca Studio is about is fair trade, having a way to move forward through art and culture, and realize that art is a dignified way of life, “he said.

“We directly benefit more than 500 people and their families. All the works have a certificate, they are unique pieces, 100 pieces can be made and none is the same, “he added

Proud of their work
Junior Carrillo, Wixárica artist from the town of Banques de Calítique, Durango, revealed that being part of Menchaca Studio has changed his life.

“I’ve been collaborating with Menchaca Studio for three years, we’ve been exhibiting in different places, fortunately now what Wixarian art is valued and recognized, I’m really proud and excited that my pieces are all over the world, that they value my work, “he said.

“For me Menchaca Studio is a place that I feel like my home, an opportunity to get ahead and be able to showcase the Mexican culture and keep it alive. Before I sold bracelets to pay for my studies and now I am building my house, “explained the artist.

RMT Newsroom with information from SIPSE

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