Centro Cultural “La Cúpula” presents: Pierre Desfons’ Kukulcán Dream

Pierre Desfons combines his career as a draftsman with that of director. The man has directed nearly one hundred broadcasts and documentaries for television, especially in the area of ​​art and architecture.

For example, two masterful adaptations of the educational exhibitions at the Center Pompidou “Paris Berlin” and “Paris New York” (Grand Prize of Architecture Film for the section “A meal at Bauhaus” and “The Last Chess Games of Marcel Duchamp”) in collaboration with Hubert Damisch, Jean-François Lyotard and Jean Clair, a film that won the First Prize in the Art Film” Life and Death of the Image “, inspired by the work of Regis Debray.

In his artistic production, Pierre has remained faithful to the poetic and transgressive spirit in which he was immersed for years, frequenting the “College of Pataphysics, Society of Erudition and Useless Research”, which had people like Jacques Prévert, Raymond Queneau, Boris Vian and Umberto Echo.

His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and festivals around the world, including France of course.

WHEN: JAN 4, 2019. @7 pm
WHAT: El sueño de Kukulcán de Pierre Desfons (new exhibition)
WHERE:  White Space @La Cúpula

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