Cannabis Collective of Yucatan requires Cofepris permission for cultivation and recreational consumption

Under the motto “May the benefits of Cannabis be for everyone“, the steering committee of the Cannabis Collective Maya Dzac Ya has presented before the Cofepris a request so that members of it can obtain permission for self-cultivation and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes.

In this way, Dzac is the first civil organization in Yucatan that requests permission with the objective of promoting the culture of legality among consumers and demanding the authority to comply with its constitutional obligation to respect the human rights of individual freedom, allowing the consumption of cannabis without unjustified prohibitions and especially, without having to resort to the black market.


The members of the Yucatan Cannabis Collective Organization specified their demands: authorization for use, sowing, harvesting, cultivation, preparation, conditioning, possession, acquisition of seed, transportation in any form and employment, consumption on a regular basis and in general any act related with the personal and recreational consumption of marijuana.

“Our mission is to develop, generate and disseminate information about cannabis; “to make society and groups aware of the use of products derived from the plant, in addition to reducing social stigma, misinformation, damage to health and harm to the human rights of recreational and therapeutic uses”, the group announced, as they gave an impromptu press conference outside the Secretary of State Health.

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